I worked with Kapil on several projects where his duties included Universe development, report development and requirements validation. His ability to solve complex problems in the Universe and Web-I environments is excellent. He was also able create a multi-source universe for our call center reporting project when others could not. Kapil’s ability to translate technical terminology into business friendly terms was a big asset during all of the projects. He was quick pick up the various lines of the business’s processes which allowed him to proactively suggest better ways to achieve the customer’s needs and add functionality that was not asked for. Kapil has excellent communication skills and is able to discuss complex technical subjects with people of all capabilities.
I would gladly work with Kapil again.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dennis LeBrun
Business Insights Services

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Kapil is one of the team members I wish bring to all of my BI projects in the future. He is not only a guru in Business Objects (including version 4!), he’s also a great data analyst who can analyze the business data and advises on how the data can be presented effectively. He brings extra values to the table and improves the client’s satisfactions for the project. He is also a great team player working well with the business team and the IT team. Definitely a 5 stars consultant!

Kenneth Chiu, PMP
IS Project Lead
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Kapil is a seasoned SAP/Business Objects (BO) expert. He possesses a very strong set of skills, experience and analytical capabilities that make him a valuable resource for any project involving advanced business analytics, especially those using tools like SQL, Web-i, BO/SAP OMS (Object Management Server).

He is also a very professional and versatile information engineer, committed to the success of the projects he works for. He brings to the table a solid acumen of expertise and a very highly valuable work attitude.

During the year we have worked together, he has shown a passion for resolving the most challenging issues and pushing to the extreme the limits that some current technologies offer. When face with challenges and serious issues, Kapil does the required research, thorough analysis, extensive testing and using his experience, he has demonstrated highly capable problem solving skills.

With no hesitation, I can highly recommend Kapil to any job involving information analysis design and advance analytics solution capabilities

Mauricio Vasquez,
SR. Reporting Analyst
ICBC building trust. driving confidence

“Kapil is a force to be reckoned with in the Business Intelligence space, he has strong development and management skills Kapil has a unique ability to read/understand what the business wants/requires. Kapil delivers on time and typically more than is expected. Kapil was a pleasure to work with as well, great personality and always helpful.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Todd Hobbs
Business Insights Services
ICBC building trust. driving confidence

I have the pleasure to work with Mr. Malik in the Bodily Injury Executive Dashboard project. Mr. Malik is a dream come true developer for any project manager. Kapil has a wide spectrum and in depth knowledge on many SAP and SAP related tools which enables him to recommend the correct tools for the job. Considering the given functional requirements and amount of development time, Kapil recommended to use SAP 4.0 WEBI reporting tool to develop the Bodily Injury Executive Dashboard. The final product met all requirements and completed on a very aggressive time line. He adopted our development standards and guidelines quickly and provide constructive suggestions for improvement. His never say no attitude and his collaborative work habit bring joy and fun back to work.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Carmichael Kan
Manager ICBC Business Insights Services - Claims & Fraud

ICBC building trust. driving confidence.

I work with Kapil as part of the Business Objects Team and recommend him as the best and most complete Business Intelligence Analyst and Developer I have worked with. His technical mastery of the full Business Objects toolset (as well as other applications — see his profile for full listing) is without equal. However, Kapil is more than just technically excellent; he is equally skilled as a business analyst who really understands business processes and procedures and can translate them in to technical solutions that work. His third great quality is his ability to work and communicate effectively with managers, end users, and other developers at all levels so that projects are delivered according to design, on time, within budget, and with full functionality. I guarantee you that if you hire Kapil you will say to yourself that he is one of best workers you have ever worked with.

David Chow
Developer & Business Intelligence Analyst, Government

Kapil has been pivotal in his role, and I am personally very thankful for having had the chance to work with him. His efforts enabled us to develop one of the most used and needed sales productivity tools in our company’s history.
He’s been dedicated, responsive and extremely helpful.


Michael Blanchette
Program Manager, Global Sales Methodology
Sales Effectiveness
SAP Business Objects

It has been my pleasure to work with Kapil. He brings a can do attitude to all of his tasks and is committed and creative in finding solutions.

Kapil worked effectively as a member of our team and was well liked and respected by all team members.

I wish Kapil well in all future endeavors and am confident he will be a valuable contributor.

Nigel May
Senior Manager
WW Marketing Infrastructure and Process
SAP Business Objects

In the time that I have worked with Kapil, I have found him to be very competent in terms of writing Crystal Reports and having them deployed to meet my requirements. I have found him to be very efficient and effective in getting tasks completed on a timely basis and with good success.

Troy Anderson
Sr. Director, Mid Market Sales, North America
SAP Business Objects

Kapil is an expert in Business Objects, he has solution or workarounds for most of the issues we encounter!! I appreciate his knowledge and analytical skills.

Rajendra CP,
BO Consultant, WorksafeBC

It was a pleasure working with Kapil. I found him to be very approachable and willing to assist in any way possible.

Colleen Burke,
Business Systems Analyst III, Worksafe BC

Kapil was a pleasure to work with; great interpersonal skills and a willingness to take on whatever was asked of him.

Pam Hinada,
Senior Business Analyst, WorkSafeBC

I have known Kapil for over 3 years. He came across as professional and well spoken. He is creative in his approach and always delivers on time lines.

Arpan Khurana

Kapil is a great report writer, as well as Macro developer. He took over one of the most complicated report projects half-way through and finished it despite everyone thinking it was too complicated to finish. He also contributed to a new interactive Excel Pricing tool that I PMed and re-developed it in a very tight timeline. He works well in teams, has great technical skills, and is very easy to work with.

Alireza Beiklou,
SAP Business Systems Analyst, Business Objects

Kapil has an excellent focus on details and a strong technical background. In addition, Kapil has a keen business sense and excellent presentation and negotiation skills. I would recommend Kapil for any Business Intelligence related project particulary in the field of Web Intelligence reporting and Business Objects (SAP) SDK work.

Jason Hattrick,
System Architect, WorkSafeBC

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