How to optimize Memory collection of WebI Java Panel

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 3:48
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1. The usage of IE is about 30MB when log in infoview.
2. After edit webi report many times, the usage of IE go up to 200MB. The memory usage is up to the time that you do edit action.
3. The memory can not be released after stop editing webi report and log out of infoview.
4. If user continually open and close Java Panel IE will hang.

It was caused by the poorly Memory Collection mechanism of WebI Java Panel. JVM also impact WebI Memory Collection.

1. Upgrade BOE to SP5. SP5 has improve WebI Memory collection.

2. Add “-Xincgc” to Java RunTime Paramenter. It is a very important setting for this issue. It means “enable incremental garbage collection”.

Here is how to add this parameter in Java Console.

–Java 1.4 or 1.5:

Go to “Controle Panel”

Open “Java Plug-in”, then go to “Advanced” tag

put “-Xincgc” into “Java RunTime Paramenter”

–Java 1.6

Go to “Controle Panel”

Open “Java”, then click “Java” tag on the pop window

Click “View” button in “Java Applet RunTime Setting” section

put “-Xincgc” into “Java RunTime Paramenter”

Note: Must apply both above two steps to get better performance.

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